How to Use

Format and controls of a typical Civics and N-400 question card:

  1. Bilingual

    • On: display Chinese under the English text
    • Off: do not display Chinese, and do not play Chinese interpretation when listeing in the browser
  2. Play All: Play all the questions and answers on the page sequentially

  3. Display All Answers:

    • On: display every answer to this question
    • Off: only display Preferred Answer(s). If you haven’t choosen any, none of the answers will be displayed
  4. Repeat Play: Play this question and answer(s) repeatedly

    • When the playback starts, will change
    • To pause or stop playback, just press
  5. Preferred Answers:

    • Selected: this answer is choosen as preferred
    • Not selected: this answer is not a preferred answer. Non-preferred answer(s) by default will not be displayed, nor included in playback, unless “Display All Answers* is turned on.
    • Note:
      • You can choose any answer or answers as preferred, if at all
      • Certain questions only have one answer. In this case, the answer is by default preferred.
      • Some questions require more than one answers, please choose accordingly.