Practicing English like never before

Welcome to Citizen Sifu

So you want to become a United States citizen? Congratulations! You made the right move.

There are many permanent residents just like you, who are eligible for natualization, but feel the interview process daunting. With the help of the latest advancement in information technologgy, especially Artificial Intelligence, you can now prepare for the citizenship interview much easier and much more efficient.

Great thanks to Amazon, who built the wonderful Echo Dot smart speaker. With the Citizen Sifu skill running on your Echo Dot, you can achieve the following:

  • Listen to the naturalization questions & answers at any time
  • Read along the answers
  • Take a quiz to see if you have learned the correct answers
  • Track your progress as you conquer the questions

How to use

If you don’t have an Echo Dot yet, please go ahead order one.

  1. Follow Amazon’s guide to install the Alexa app and set up your Echo Dot.

  2. From your Alexa app, select the menu icon, then select Skills.

  3. Search for “Citizen Sifu”.

  4. Tap the title to open the skill detail page.

  5. Tap “Enable Skill”.

  6. Tap “Link Account” when you see it (or when being prompted).

  7. Login with your Amazon ID. Please note Citizen Sifu does not have access to your login information, nor will we use your information for any purposes other than associating the information you enter on this web site with your Alexa voice commands. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

  8. Start experiencing Citizen Sifu on your Echo Dot, with these phrases (“sifu” is pronounced as “see foo”):

Alexa, start Citizen Sifu

To use the listening mode, say:

Alexa, ask Citizen Sifu to play question number one

To use the quiz mode, say:

Alexa, ask Citizen Sifu to quiz me on question ten

While you are waiting for your Echo Dot to arrive, you can use this web site to listen to the 100 Civics Questions and Answers. Enjoy!

Sign-up and Purchase

After you enable Citizen Sifu through your Alexa app, you can use the listening mode for free.

To enable the quiz mode, you need to sign up and make a one-time payment. We currently support PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

Release Notes

Release 3 - 5/8/2017

We are very excited to introduce the interview mode. When you start an interview, Alexa is going to randomly pick 10 questions and test you for your answers, just like what you’ll do in the real citizenship test.

Our early adopters found that this is the most effective way in:

  • Correcting your pronunciation problems;

  • Strengthening your memory;

  • Breaking the dependency to the order of questions (they thought they learned the questions by their content, actually they just remembered the answers by the order of occurrence);

  • Building confidence.

Please visit the supporting web site https://rujisifu.com for the best learning experience.

Release 2 - 4/5/2017

This is a major update with feature enhancements and bug fixes. Great thanks to our early adopters for your valuable feedback!

  1. The quiz mode. You can now ask Alexa to test you on any given question, say your answer (or answers, as some questions require more than one answers), and Alexa will assess whether your answers are correct.

  2. User-specific answers. The correct answers to some questions (for example, question 23: name your U.S. Representative) depend on where you live. After you sign up on the companion web site (https://rujisifu.com), Alexa will lookup the correct answers based on your ZIP code.

  3. Account linking. You can link your account on the companion web site with Alexa using your Amazon ID. On the companion web site, you can see the questions and answers in English and Chinese (more languages will be supported in the future). You can also check your progress .

Last but not the least, “sifu” should be pronounced as “see foo”. It means master or teacher in Chinese.

Release 1 - 3/30/2017

If you are applying for U.S. Citizenship, and submitted your N-400 form, chances are you’ll need this skill.

This skill will help you to learn the 100 civics questions and their corresponding answers.

Here are a few advantages our skill provides over other similar skills:

  1. We slowly read the questions and answers, so you can hear them clearly and repeat them.

  2. We have verified every question and answer against the official USCIS Quick Civics Lessons for the Naturalization booklet to ensure the information we present is accurate.

  3. We include translations of every question and their corresponding answers to help you better understand them. (Currently only Chinese is supported. We aim to add more languages in the future)

Citizen Sifu is compatible with the entire Amazon Echo product line, including Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, Echo Dot, and the 2nd generation Echo Dot.
“Amazon”, “Amazon Echo”, “Amazon Tap”, and “Echo Dot” are trademarks of Amazon.com. The mentioning of these names does not imply any endorsement from Amazon.com.